Greenwich is the Philippines’ favorite pizza chain, giving you a scrumptious blend of exciting pizza and pasta innovations, all prepared for the comfort of the Filipino taste. More than just delicious food choices, we offer to transform your everyday dining into shared delightful moments with friends.

They also invite you to experience a renewed sense of discovery that we share with all our customers every time you step into a Greenwich store.

Delicious is a DiscoveryEdit

Greenwich offers you nothing but delicious food choices that have been prepared using high-quality ingredients and standards.

Their menu is filled with a wide variety of mouth-watering selections – from pizzas, pastas, chicken, rice dishes to desserts – that will make any meal a delightful shared experience.

They put the highest premium on our products to ensure that you get the taste that truly captures the feeling of delicious. Each one has gone through teams of experts that have been involved in developing the perfect taste that our customers will love to discover.

Service is on the MenuEdit

They work towards excellence in everything they do, in order to build the right atmosphere of discovering a wonderful dining experience. This is why they ensure that the quality of our service is both sincere and efficient, both in store and on delivery.

They always focus on giving you the best value that will surely fill your appetite and your heart. Each member of our staff has been trained to provide the warm, welcoming and helpful treatment that you deserve.

As one whole team, they work to give you quality, not just in the food, but also in how they make sure that each order from our menu comes with “a side of friendly service”.

More than simply store-to-doorEdit

As the Philippines’ favorite pizza chain, Greenwich equally prides itself with the biggest and widest pizza delivery network. We have committed ourselves to developing a strategic delivery system that gives you efficient and friendly service, with innovations in technology to ensure that your food stays delicious and hot as if it were just pulled out of the oven.

We guarantee this service by giving you your order for free, plus a gift cheque equal to your order’s value, if we do not deliver on time. Greenwich has also invested in the continuous training of all our delivery personnel because we believe that every point of experience of the customer in the delivery process must be kept pleasant and courteous.

Our delivery also reflects the value of innovation in all our food products and services. We are the first pizza chain to use the Heated Thermal Bags that ensure a close simulation of oven-quality pizza and other products, even after transit.

Our advances have also brought about Delivereach – a service that enables nationwide deliveries – which fits the Filipino nature of sending food to their loved ones across the archipelago, especially during special occasions.

An exciting journey to discoverEdit

From our humble beginnings as a small over-the-counter pizza store, we have gone through a substantial growth that has made us cut through and lead the market.

Greenwich has been re-launched with renewed excitement and we have reached leadership in the pizza industry, specifically in the areas of operational share, consumer preference, and network and delivery service. Every year since 1997, Greenwich has served more customers than any other pizza chain in the country. And it continues to do so today.

Our menu is filled with the same vibrant growth that has seen it through – from the introduction of our Overloaded Pizzas and Supreme pasta dishes – up until the new and exciting food innovations we presently add to our scrumptious roster.

We also spearhead the industry by creating new discoveries in delicious and innovative product offerings, with the promise of a better and more delightful Greenwich experience for you to look forward to.

Indeed, Greenwich has come so far, and in a lot of ways, it has been an exciting and delicious journey that we have spent and shared with you – our loving and valued customers.

We now invite you and your friends to come together and share life’s simple joys in every dining experience, each one filled with the pleasure of bonding, and the possibility of more delicious discoveries in the years to come. Discover Greenwich today.


  • Greenwich is only located in the Phillipines.